Men's and Ladies' Ministries


Ladies' Ministry 

The Ladies’ Ministry is part of the overall ministry system at Mandarin Church of Christ. Our purpose is that of SERVICE – to God, to our brothers and sisters in Christ, and to our neighbors. It is our intention to involve the ladies of the congregation to further the overall mission of the Mandarin Church of Christ.

Since we have dedicated our lives to Christ, we want to serve with LOVE – to build up the Mandarin body and share His love within the community. We seek to equip ourselves to share the Gospel of Christ with others. To accomplish this purpose, we have Bible classes, provide inspirational and spiritual activities, fellowship and service oriented activities, and outreach activities.

The Ladies' Ministry serves the congregation and the community through the following committees:

Baptistery, Bible Study, Bulletin Board (current information), Food and Meals, Ladies Christmas Party, Mentoring, Newsletter, Prayer Chain, Retreat, Secret Sisters, Showers, Special Events/Activities, Taylor Care, Welcome Baskets

The Ladies’ Ministry is for us and about us, and depends on us – all of us – to make it succeed! We do all in His strength and for His glory!


Men's Ministry

Our men's ministry provides our men an opportunity to get together once every quarter to eat breakfast on a Saturday morning and have a devotional thought from different members of the congregation.

We also have a men's retreat once a year in which sometimes a speaker is brought in or men from our body each lead specific discussions.

The men at Mandarin Church of Christ are very active serving our Lord, church, and communities. They serve as elders, deacons, ministers, worship leaders, and bible study leaders. They serve in various ministries, committees, and church and outreach activities.